Melody Maker has one foot in the real world and one deeply intertwined in fantasy and stunning visual FX. Camera trickery and bold styling only tell half the story, as her innate ability to portray beautiful connections, honesty and intrigue allows Melody’s visuals to speak for themselves.

Her deep rooted love of film, connections and special FX is coupled with an inquisitive mind and a desire to delve further and deeper into storytelling and visuals - leading to deep, bold, provocative outcomes.

Coming from a live action background, having worked originally with more traditional methods, Melody has pushed the boundaries of filmmaking by working alongside and studying fantastic creatives. She continually strives towards developing and honing her skills, with a thirst for knowledge taking her on a path towards SFX and what can be achieved in-camera. This desire to develop and learn benefits all those who see Melody’s work, as her shooting techniques showcase incredible live action sequences and unique otherworldly CGI.

An obsession with movement, both in front of and behind the camera using various filming techniques, has led Melody to create award-winning visual masterpieces for musicians and brands including Mo Farah for Oral-B, Anthony Joshua for Revolut, Nike, Mahalia and Greentea Peng. Melody also shot in the deep underbelly of the Mississippi Delta for award-winning Stars TV network P-Valley.

Melody’s early inspiration was drawn from strong cinematic leads such as Sigourney Weaver in Alien and Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Nowadays, Aphex Twin and his wide-ranging array of music is played when looking for ideas and inspiration.

Self taught, self made and self styled, Melody Maker is making waves within the filming industry and is relishing every opportunity that comes her way.